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MEDICAL AND DENTAL Practice Management

There are over 179 schools in the country that teach you how to be a physician but very few that teach you how to manage a business. Newman Consulting Services, LLC provides a comprehensive range of specialty departments that are included in their management services:

  • Business Operations & Efficiency

  • Billing and Reimbursement Enhancement

  • Customer Service/Team Building

  • Procedure/Policy Development

  • Staff Management & Performance

  • Staff Salary and Benefit Reviews

  • Statistical Benchmarking

  • Compliance Development & Implementation

  • Human Resources

Our client relationships begin with an in depth analysis of the practice, referred to as an In Office Evaluation. Several areas are evaluated, including:

  • Human Resources & Communication

  • Patient Flow & Operations

  • Referral Development & Marketing

  • Risk Management, Compliance & Training

  • Financial Management & Collections

A  comprehensive written report outlining the findings and recommendations is provided.  Newman Consulting Services can be retained to implement the recommendations.


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