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Our Services

Human Resources:

We manage staffing to ensure optimal operations of your practice.

  • Job posting, interviewing, advise regarding hiring and terminating employees

  • New employee orientation

  • Paperwork for employees (including new-hire forms)

  • Enroll new employees with existing health insurance coverage as needed

  • Assist with the existing initial 401k enrollment for eligible employees

  • Regularly review productivity, evaluate employee performance conduct,  employee evaluations and advise regarding staffing adjustments as needed

  • Counsel regarding disciplinary and probationary actions

  • Monitor and review timesheet/timecards

  • Set up salary adjustments

  • Maintain/track sick & vacation leave for employees

  • Call in payroll to accountant/other payroll processing organization

  • Address any staffing questions/concerns


We make sure your practice is running smoothly and successfully.

  • Monthly meetings with physician(s) to review statistical data and address practice issues

  • Facilitate weekly/bi-weekly/monthly staff meetings

  • Maintain, update and distribute personnel policy manual

  • Formulate and implement policies and processes that serve as a guide for the practice

  • Prioritize and ensure staff responsibilities are appropriately assigned

  • Implement patient & staff workflow efficiency

  • Make recommendations for performance improvements and salary adjustments

  • Compliance manual implementation


We monitor the financial performance of your practice.

  • Review accounts payable & accounts receivable reports

  • Monitor the effectiveness of overall medical billing success & collection efforts

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