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Professional and Management Development Training

About Newman Consulting Services

For over 30 years, Newman Consulting Services has had the opportunity to fulfill their passion of delivering personalized, quality, cutting-edge interactive coaching and training designed to support business owners, executives and their teams; persons who want to refine and elevate their lives; and job readiness training to equip individuals with the skills and competencies to meet the expectations of employers and occupations.

Newman Consulting Services can help you succeed!

Here is a sample of testimonials from individuals who have participated in our empowering presentations .....

"By far the best keynote speaker I have experienced!"
"Great Presentation! The speaker is very professional and has a great energy!"
"It is nice having a keynote speaker who practices what she preaches. What I
learned today will have a lasting impression."
"Thank you for helping me move along the path of success!"
"So much information! The speaker is interactive and fun!"
"I always enjoy Newman Consulting Services' Presentations!"
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